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Why Teething Pain Symptoms Can Be Hard For Your Baby

Difficulties During Teething: Alleviating pain

Every human can empathize with one another regarding the symptoms of discomfort and pain while in the teething stage, but most of us can’t remember any of it. This doesn’t cancel the fact that these symptoms are very real and a great obstacle for any baby to overcome through natural processes. There are ways to alleviate the pain and guide them through this stressful time towards a healthy set of teeth and a bright smile.

Sensitive and swollen gums

One of the first and most obvious signs of discomfort during teething includes red, swollen, and sensitive gums. Because of this, their appetite may decrease significantly during the process due to pain while eating. Giving your baby a liquid formula or foods like applesauce during teething can help to soothe and alleviate this. There’s an age-old trick that some people still use where they rub a little whiskey on the baby’s gums to help dull some of the pain. This could be a debatable process but generally is seen as a harmless additive when used properly. There are also special products to help with the pain which are clinical in nature and application.

Be Wary of other unusual symptoms

Sometimes the baby may have an increase in temperature but if they’re burning like an oven and you spot signs of rash or swelling elsewhere besides the gums then it’s a wise decision to get it checked out right away. Teething can have some complications involved such as excessive drooling, biting, and fussiness. If your baby has a slight temperature during teething, then usually something cold like a chilled pacifier can help to alleviate the swelling and reduce gum inflammation.

Disrupted sleep patterns and irritable behavior

The baby may also have more wakeups during bedtime due to pain and discomfort so be prepared for more maintenance to make them feel as comforted as possible. Change in sleep patterns can also influence their temperament throughout the day. There is a general compulsion to chew on something and there are teething crackers available on the market to help them get past the teething phase. Gum massage techniques with cold water can be implemented before bed to soothe the pain to help encourage more restful sleep.

Alleviation and treatment: Soothing teething transitions

If your baby has serious teething symptoms that need to address with more proactive clinical measures, one may opt to get a prescription for a pain-relieving medicine. Small doses of Advil or Tylenol can go a long way, but some of the other ones available may have some side effects that aren’t worth the trouble. Each individual tooth is a new challenge and journey for you and your baby. Keeping a watchful eye for swelling and which areas need more attention is important to help alleviate the discomfort overall. It’s a challenging process but nurturing any baby through tough times is what parenting is all about!

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