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The Body Pain Issues and Your Options for the Best

Muscle pain or myalgia is an unpleasant and painful physical suffering located in the striated muscles. Recall that the muscle is an organ that ensures the movements of each part of our body. There are three muscle groups: the striated or skeletal muscles which are inserted on the bones and the skin, the smooth muscles constituting the wall of the viscera and finally the mixed or cardiac muscles. Only the striated muscles contract under the control of our will. Aches are a harmless form of myalgia.


Causes muscle pain Myalgia, witness to muscle pain, can be localized or generalized. Localized pain usually appears during cramps and aches. In addition, muscle overwork, the fact of not drinking enough water and not warming up enough before physical efforts facilitate its appearance. In other cases, trauma from shock, stretching, straining or tearing is all sources of pain for the muscles. These anomalies usually affect athletes, especially if they are not well equipped.

As for generalized muscle pain, the common causes are influenza, polio, hepatitis C, malaria and certain bacterial diseases. Rheumatism, hypothyroidism, osteomalacia or softening of the bone, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematous also make our muscles painful. The same is true for affections of the musculature such as rhabdomyolysis, pathological destruction of the muscles, as well as the effects of drugs such as statins. A study published in 2013 in the scientific journal had shown that more than 150 drugs were associated with rhabdomyolysis. Finally, note that the risk of suffering from this pain increases with age, even if there are muscle disorders of genetic origin.


Myalgia obviously manifests itself by the pain of a muscle, a group of muscles or all the fleshy parts of the body. The slenderness type sore is most common, but the sensation of stabbing, burning, pricking, tingling or numbness may exist. Muscle aches because pain regarding the circumstances of occurrence, the pain usually appears after excessive muscular effort, a moment of stress or climatic change, but it can also occur without any apparent cause. Now that CBD Oil UK is essential in addressing the same, you can have the smartest option there.

Mobilizing the injured part can aggravate or on the contrary reduce myalgia. Depending on its intensity, the pressure, palpation, or even touching the affected muscle can accentuate the pain.

In case of side effects caused by taking statins (a class of drugs used in high cholesterol), muscle pain tends to appear one to several weeks after the first use of these drugs. Affected areas the preferred areas of muscle pain are the neck, limbs, along the spine, hip and around the joints, but the back, shoulders and trunk can also be affected. The lower back and thigh are also often affected by muscle pain. Depending on its origin, muscle pain can appear with other specific symptoms such as difficulty mobilizing the injured organ, swelling, bruising, stiffness, muscle atrophy or even fever.

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