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Brazilian Butt Lift NJ is a popular cosmetic procedure which has been specially designed to move the excess fat from unwanted areas and place it in your buttocks to naturally re-volumize it. After the fat cells have been carefully placed, taking proper care will help in faster and better recovery. Following are some tips for recovery after undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift experts have a lot of benefits. They can help remove the signs of aging, give a better shape, and improve self-esteem.

Wear the compression garment as advised

You will be given a compression garment to wear after the procedure. A compression garment is usually a form-fitting, tight garment which has to be worn after undergoing a body sculpting surgery. It is usually made out of a material which is elastic and compresses the treated area consistently. You need to wear this garment for as long as it has been advised to you. Wearing it will help to heal the new implants in the desired shape but will also prevent fluid pockets from building up, while also decreasing swelling faster.

Feed the fat 

Post-procedure is not the perfect time to diet. You would be asked to increase your calorie consumption. Consuming nutrient-dense meals and healthy fats will help to ensure that the newly implanted fat cells survive.

Come up with creative sleeping positions

For at least 2 months after the procedure, you will be advised against pressing your newly grafted fat cells. This means that you will have to avoid sitting and lying flat on your back throughout this time. If you aren’t a front sleeper, then you are going to have to start now. Sleeping on the front is the only safe sleeping position for the next 2 to 3 months. You may also have to invest in firm body pillows which can be on either side of you to prevent you from unintentionally rolling over to your side.

Avoid Driving

Sitting is highly advised against as it puts pressure on the healing grafts. Driving is even more harmful as you are not only sitting but also pressing the break, which creates more pressure on the buttocks. The longer you wait the better the chances of your fat cells surviving.

Stop Smoking

Completely avoid using any nicotine products or even smoking before and after the surgery. Reason being that it affects the bloodstream in such a manner that the blood flow to the tiny vessels is constricted when people or even exposed to second-hand smoke. After the fat cells have been transferred, they need to establish a blood supply to quickly thrive.

Pause your gym membership

Exercise helps to improve healthy blood flow and also clear the toxins and waste products from your system. However, you can’t resume rigorous physical activities right after the procedure. Your surgeon will advise you against it as it would elevate your blood pressure and heart, which you have to avoid at any cost for several weeks after the surgery because it increases the swelling.

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