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Plastic Surgery Tourism: is It a Wise Option?

Cosmetic surgery no longer holds the same stigma it once did, now many people go to clinics to have a wide range of procedures done. While the demand in Australia has continued to increase, so has the number of people choosing to go abroad for plastic surgery. Patients have begun to shop around and visit international destinations looking for deals and lower priced clinics. This article takes a look at plastic surgery vacations.

Long Distance Travel

Many patients look at developing countries in Asia and South America for deals on plastic surgery. Destinations such as Thailand, India and Brazil are all making a name for themselves when it comes to providing low-cost medical treatments. Travelling to any of these destinations from Australia takes many hours, and with long flights comes the risk of problems, not necessarily before surgery, but after. Being on a flight home that takes anywhere from 6 to 12 hours puts you at a higher risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), infections and other complications. Why put yourself at risk when you can easily find the best plastic surgeon in Brisbane or Sydney to carry out a procedure? When you take flights and other expenses into consideration, it ends up being quite similar in price.

Medical Standards

A first world country adheres to stricter medical standards than a lot of developing countries. Plastic surgery isn’t something you should take lightly; some procedures carry a risk, and many require invasive surgery. Although your chances of encountering an issue are minimal, like any surgical procedure there is that small chance. If you aren’t in country that sets strict guidelines and carries out periodic checks, you may be putting yourself in more danger. If something happens and you’ve already left the country, the next doctor you meet will know nothing about the clinic you’ve attended abroad. If they’ve very little knowledge of the procedure, managing the problem can be difficult. If you decide to go abroad for medical treatment, make sure you ask some essential questions:

  • Who are you certified by?
  • Where did you study to become a doctor?
  • Are you trained specifically in the field of plastic surgery?
  • How many years of training have you had?
  • How many similar procedures have you performed?

If you choose to go abroad, finding out the answers to some of these questions can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the local language.


Catching a long-haul flight a few days after you’ve had a big operation isn’t the best way to heal. Before opting for cosmetic surgery abroad, should must consider post-operative care. Although you can contact a clinic at home, it is recommended you stay with the same doctor throughout.

Although you can find excellent medical treatment outside of Australia, it is important to remember there is a certain degree of risk involved. Each country has its own standards of care and differing levels of best practices, what is normal in our country may not be the same abroad. In addition, if something goes wrong, you may have no legal protection outside your home country.

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