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What Causes Yellow Teeth and How to Whiten Them

Pearly white teeth look great, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with them. In fact at some point or other many people find that their teeth take on a yellow hue and start to look discolored.

If you’re in that boat and want to do something about it, you need to know what causes yellow teeth and how you can whiten them.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

To be honest there are several possible causes of yellow teeth and they vary from one person to the next. Being able to identify the cause of your own tooth discoloration would be helpful if you want to avoid further issues and prevent it in the future.

Some of the more common causes of yellow teeth are:

  • Diet

Many types of food and drinks can discolor your teeth. That includes coffee, tea, colas, wine, and so on.

  • Tobacco

Smoking or chewing tobacco is one of the main culprits behind stained teeth. The stains will not be easy to remove as long as you continue to use tobacco.

  • Diseases and medications

Some diseases and medications have been known to cause yellow teeth. In particular certain antibiotics and blood pressure medication are common culprits, as are radiation or chemotherapy.

  • Oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene habits can cause stains to appear on teeth and over time they can get worse if you don’t brush properly and clean them off.

Once you identify the reason why your teeth are discolored, you should be able to take steps to correct it. However in some cases it may not be that easy.

How to Whiten Teeth

Aside from rectifying the root cause behind your yellow teeth, you may need to take other proactive measures to whiten them. The good news is that there are many different types of teeth whitening products and services available nowadays.

Broadly speaking there are two main options that you can consider:

  • DIY whitening kits that you can buy over the counter and use at home. Typically they consist of weak peroxide-based strips and gels that will help to remove stains from your teeth. However they may not be that effective on deep stains, and it may require quite a lot of treatments before you see results.

  • Professional teeth whitening can be done at your dentist’s clinic and may encompass a wider range of options. The most popular is a stronger peroxide-based agent that will remove stains more quickly than DIY kits. Although the results are better, the cost is higher too.

If you do want to whiten your teeth, you should check on the teeth whitening Hertfordshire options that are available at your dentist, and ask them for a recommendation. On top of that you must try to pin down the root cause of your yellow teeth, and eliminate it too.

Assuming you’re able to eliminate the cause and whiten your teeth, you should be able to maintain a beautiful, pearly-white smile and prevent it from getting stained in the future.

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