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April 13, 2024
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Penile Implants: Clearing the Most Common Myths

Nobody likes to acknowledge that they have sexual health problems. However, erectile dysfunction (ED) is much more frequent in men than you might realize. Additionally, managing it doesn’t necessarily need popping a pill whenever you want to feel good. In fact, you might want to think about a penile implant, which many urologists believe to be the sole effective treatment for ED.

Men naturally have early concerns about procedures like penile implants, and the best way to dispel baseless notions is to remain knowledgeable. However, selecting a qualified urologist Brooklyn new york, that you can rely on is equally crucial when it comes to these treatments.

Are penile implants worth it?

Penile implants are highly reliable and effective in guaranteeing that you can have an erection whenever you want it for people eager to regain sexual function.

A penile implant indeed requires a brief surgical process; therefore, whether or not you are ready or able to undergo the procedure can influence whether a penile implant is ideal for you. According to doctors, penile implant surgery frequently takes place as an outpatient operation and typically lasts less than an hour.

How safe is penile implant surgery?

As with any implant procedure, preventing infection is a critical concern; however, the likelihood of infection is quite minimal.

Due in significant part to the use of specialized antibiotics and particular surgical methods that significantly lower the danger of post-operative infection, the surgery is relatively safe, and infection is incredibly rare, occurring in only approximately 1 percent of patients.

Going to a surgeon you trust makes penile implant surgery safer, as it does with all procedures.

Experience in surgery is crucial. Make sure the urologist you select has a lot of expertise in inserting penile implants.

How painful is penile implant surgery?

Following penile implant surgery, you may experience mild to moderate pain for a couple of days. In most cases, however, these side effects will subside within a week or two.

The surgery causes some soreness because the doctor worked in a sensitive location. To lessen your discomfort, they take various measures, including compressive surgical dressings, giving painkillers, and draining any built-up fluid.

Depending on a variety of circumstances, your doctor will let you know when your body is ready for sexual activity again.

In our office, we usually activate the penile implant three weeks following the procedure, at which point it is prepared for unlimited use.

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