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December 3, 2023
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How To Protect Yourself From The Many STDs That Exist.

Young adults nowadays are starting to have sex at a much younger age and I suppose we have the Internet to blame for that. Adult sites are readily available to teenagers and even though you as a parent block them on their various devices, kids will always find a way around it. It means that we have to talk to our children much earlier than we used to in the past about sexual relationships and the many diseases that are out there. Teenagers tend to not take these things seriously until it’s too late to help them.

If the headline caught your eye and you are a young teenager reading this article then you should know that if you don’t protect yourself when having sex that you could find yourself in a life-threatening or a life altering situation. This is why it is so important to have a chlamydia test for men and women because this is a sexually transmitted disease that you can have from many decades and you would never know that you have it. The downside is that this particular STD can damage your chances of having your own children when you do finally settle down and fall in love.

The following are just some ways to better protect yourself from the many sexually transmitted diseases that currently exist.

  • Talk with your partner – It is always a sensible idea to talk with your potential partner about their sexual history to get an idea of what they have been up to and who they have been with.
  • Get tested regularly – Many sexually transmitted disease tests are available to you on the NHS and most of them are for free. If you want to engage in a sexual relationship with someone then it would be an excellent idea to have both of you tested before it actually happens.
  • Stay away from alcohol & drugs – These two things will reduce your inhibitions and you will end up making stupid decisions while having sex. While you are insistent that your partner wears a condom when you are sober, being drunk are being high will change your priorities for the worst.
  • Use contraception – Condoms are especially effective against most sexually transmitted diseases and because of the selection that is available nowadays, condoms no longer have the stigma that they used to have. They come in many different flavours and colours and maybe both of you can pick them out before the sexual act.

Everyone is quite open about sexual relationships nowadays and so you should never feel shy about talking about your relationships with your parents or with your doctor.

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