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Having a Pet Is a Full Time Job And Having Pet Insurance Is Vital, If It Is To Remain Healthy.

We all love to have our animals around us every day and they make an otherwise boring and predictable day a little more interesting. However, having a pet is much like having an extra kid and dogs, especially, get up to things that they shouldn’t really be doing. They get stuck in the strangest places and they get covered in the strangest of things. If you look at any dog, you will see that after you give them a wash, the first thing that they do, is to try to get the good smell out of their coat. As a pet owner, this can be frustrating.

Sometimes, however, there are some medical issues involved and your pet may be itching itself a little more than normal. Unfortunately, animals don’t know when to stop scratching and after a time the area becomes inflamed and an infection can occur. Pet skin problems are a constant worry for dog and cat owners and so if you spot your pet scratching and chewing at their skin, it may be time for a visit to the local vet. There are a number of reasons why your pet might have skin issues and we will explore some of those here.

  • Fleas and mosquitoes are frequently the main cause of animals scratching at themselves and in Australia, mosquitoes will bite into your animal’s skin if given half a chance. The bite is fairly harmless, but the resultant scratching by your dog is what causes the issues. Their claws are generally dirty and this gets into an open sore. If it isn’t cleaned, then the area will get infected and your animal will feel ill as a result.
  • Ticks are an ongoing thing in the life of an animal and ticks can cause fatalities as well. They carry a number of diseases that can quickly make your pet very ill and you need to get it to the pet as soon as possible. Dogs and cats have been known to lose their lives due to a tick bite and the area around the bite will also become inflamed and again, the dog or cat will keep scratching at it to find relief.
  • As mentioned before, dogs particularly, like to play around and they may catch their skin on wire from a fence as they try to squeeze through. The small cut becomes itchy, it scratches at it and it causes an infection. If left untreated, the animal will continue to pull at it even though it is getting worse. They are their own worst enemies and that’s why you have to step in and take care of them.

Having a pet like a dog, for example, is a full-time job and you should never get a pet unless you are prepared to put the work in. They are great fun and good company, but when they get sick, they are relying on you to make them better. Be sure to have pet insurance for such occasions.

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