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What It Takes to be a Charismatic Person

Regardless of your life situation and individual goals, your charisma is one of your most important success tools. Charisma lets you command a room, capture people’s attention, and convince others of your ideas. It is an important part of being the type of leader who wins devoted followers who will do everything for you. If you are wondering what is charisma, you should start learning about its three elements.


Have you tried talking to people and many of them are not present and engaged with you? This is even more possible now as more people pay attention to their smartphones than the people they are interacting with. But, if you want to be charismatic, you should set yourself apart from the pack by being fully present with people and offering them your full attention. When a person is talking to you, you need to practice your active listening skills by looking them in the eye. Increasing eye contact will make you look more appealing in every way to the people you interact with and improve the quality of that interaction.


A charismatic person is powerful, but this doesn’t mean they are the leader of the free world or the chief executive of a multi-national corporation. Indeed, some people may convey power in the humblest walks of life. Power can be an ability to impact the world around you. If you are charismatic, you can get things done or at least give that impression. You can draw people into your orbit like a magnet. Without power, people will just see you as a nice guy or someone desperate. However, without presence and warmth, power will kill your charisma.  Without these tempting qualities, you can be seen as important and impressive; however, you will come off cold and arrogant.


Emanating warmth will have people seeing you as being approachable, empathetic, and caring. The people who are around you feel comfortable and at ease. With warmth, your basic human need to be understood, taken care of, and acknowledged is fulfilled. Just like power and presence, warmth is important to balance the other elements. Thus, it can only produce true magnetism if the two other elements are present. A person with power but not warmth will be arrogant and aloof. A person with warmth but does not have power will be perceived as weak, desperate for approval, and eager to please.

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