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Temporary Prosthesis v/s Final Prosthesis?

A temporary prosthesis is a part of cosmetic dentistry in Hunt Valley, MD conducted when the final prosthesis is not possible. It includes offering aesthetically pleasing tooth replacements. Wherein a final prosthesis is a long-term solution as it includes a customized solution that lasts for several years. Before undergoing the procedure, knowing the difference between the two is important. This article highlights common differences between a final and temporary prosthesis. Here we go! 

What Is Temporary Prosthesis?

A temporary prosthesis or interim prosthesis, is a dental appliance used temporarily to conceal dental treatment while it heals or to replace lost teeth. Following treatments like bridge preparation, implant implantation, or tooth extraction, temporary prostheses are frequently utilized.

These prostheses can be made of acrylic or other lightweight materials, and they are usually created fast. Temporary prosthesis allow for fundamental functions like speaking and chewing, but they are not meant to be used for an extended period of time and may not fit and look as well as final prostheses. In order to facilitate appropriate healing and tissue preparation for the ultimate prosthesis, temporary prostheses are worn till that time.

What Is Final Prosthesis? 

A final prosthesis is made to last and give the patient a functioning new grin. An abutment is used to firmly attach the final prostheses. These are often constructed of more resilient materials like porcelain or acrylic resin, to dental implants.

The dentist must carefully arrange the final prosthesis’ design and construction to guarantee that it will precisely match the patient’s new smile criteria. Years of comfortable and useful use of a final prosthesis are anticipated for the patient, therefore correct fitting and upkeep are crucial.

The Difference Between A Temporary And Final Prosthesis 

1. Duration of Use

Temporary Prosthesis: It is designed especially for short-term use post-dental procedures like tooth extraction and implant placement. They are generally worn for some weeks to months. 

Final Prosthesis: These are generally preferred for long-term use. They are meant to replace the missing teeth. The best part is these are customized to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth and offer great functionality. 

2. Functionality

Temporary Prosthesis: Designed especially to offer basic functionality like speaking and chewing. However, temporary prostheses do not offer a similar comfort level as the final prostheses.

Final Prosthesis: It is carefully crafted to restore complete functionality and aesthetics. This allows patients to speak and smile without feeling conscious. The final prosthesis is custom-made to meet personal preferences for maximum comfort and performance.

Wrapping Up 

Temporary and final prostheses are completely different from one another in terms of materials and duration of use. A temporary prosthesis is meant for short-term purposes, final prosthesis is meant for long-term. 

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