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How to Choose a Juicer Correctly: Comparison and Solution

Election and Summer Resident Bartender

Comparison of Two Powerful Rotary Presses, Cheap and Expensive

What a Gardener like Neptune

Screw Viet Juicers

First of all we do not recommend looking down on davyltsya from China at a price of 50 rubles. This excellent

Squeeze strawberries, raspberries, apricots, oranges and mandarins in very small quantities. If you work with your hands it is quite realistic to hold a glass. But usually such gizmos are used to produce mashed potatoes. For example, baby food consists of potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beets. Everything has to be cooked for a softer texture. How to choose a quietest juicer correctly? We are firmly convinced that this is entirely due to its purpose. It is suggested to see what juicers are there.

Election and Summer Resident Bartender Comparison of Two Powerful Rotary Presses, Cheap and Expensive

How to choose a quietest juicer correctly: comparison and solution

Oddly enough, but the choice of rotor juices and gardeners, and professional bar generally similar.There are only separate properties, and the price is more than an order of magnitude (10 times). At the same time, they both throw cookies in automatic mode, both have a very high rotation factor. And if there is no difference, why pay more?

Santos boasts its engines that can run in the long run. This means that they do not need to adjust rotor vacation changes over time bartender (for more information see manual). However, Neptune can boast the same. In addition, he processes up to 120 kg of apples per hour, while Santos is weak? The next similarity is that you can squeeze it. From pineapple and melons you need to cut the skin, from apricots and drains to remove the stones. If the advertising Neptune is the statement that you cannot prepare the fruit for processing, the instructions are written in small style and from the same as for Santos. Ie the differences are not yet observed. (See How to choose aquietest juicerfor apples)

Both rotating juices with tapered centrifuge type, which makes it possible to automatically reset cake. Capacities can be exposed to this activity of any kind. It turns out that there is generally no difference? Neptune still has a life span of at least 7 years. It’s just a record. Is there a joke here? Something likesthat. If you put the rotor, Neptune juices somewhere in the back and run her juice, and no one will notice the difference and monitoring is unlikely to be against.

The professional juice press Santos really has differences, but they do not affect the functionality of the appliance. First and foremost, it is an exterior.  Steel case and aluminum case with many hot things. They look good and do not get dirty over time. The eye client civil institution will not stumble upon dirty building Neptune, which is made of white plastic, and quickly polar buyetsya carrots and beets.

The other point is hygiene. So common in the food industry, that all the time needed to carry out special cleaning chemicals that are not harmful to health, but Murderous for microbes. Ready to check if the plastic case will retain such treatment? Usually, all utensils, for example in the bakery, are made of aluminum and steel. So simply accepted.Blackboards through metal hands.All of this is registered in the food industry standards, and it is impossible to break them. We therefore recommend, before putting Neptune in the laundry room and driving him juice, first check compliance in due course with legal requirements.

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