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June 15, 2024
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How a stairlift engineer will improve the life of anyone with mobility issues

Most people are fortunate to benefit from full mobility, but unfortunately, it’s not the same for everyone. Those who struggle walking far or climbing stairs through illness or injury suffer greatly in everyday life. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Those who need to get upstairs to use important rooms can benefit from the introduction to a stairlift engineer in Market Harborough who will change their lives when they install a stairlift in the home.

A free consultation will be accompanied with quotes, with a wide range of stairlifts to choose from, whether its an immediate purchase of a new or second-hand model, through to short term rental. The great news is that they can be fitted into any staircase. Size and space are of no issue to an experienced family-owned business who pride themselves in first class customer service.

Whether a home has a curved or straight staircase, it is no problem. Folding hinge stairlifts take care of doorways or little space being available of the bottom of the stairs, with swivel seats the perfect solution for those struggling badly and carrying bags or even the washing to dry upstairs.

Heavy duty stairlifts, which can carry a weight of up to 25 stone, are available for those of a bulky nature, while a remote control ensures the lift is waiting and ready. Unobtrusive cabling means that the job is completed neatly without any damaging effects to the home.

Fitting a stairlift will instantly improve the life of anyone with mobility issues.

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