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What are the Effects of Vaping on Oral Health?

Like every other part of our body, our teeth and gums depend on a carefully regulated system that can be impacted by the entry of dangerous substances. It is believed that compared to tobacco, e-cigarettes contain a lower variety of potentially dangerous compounds and trace elements. Even then, they continue to include several substances that are known to be harmful to our oral and overall health. Not only are you giving your body nicotine, which is highly addicting and difficult to quit, when you vape. It might appear that using an e-cigarette is healthier than using cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Vaping, however, can potentially have several detrimental effects on your dental health. In this blog post we will learn about the effects of vaping on oral health as explained by the dentist in Lakeview, Chicago:

Major effects of Vaping:

High Risk of Gum Disease
Vaping raises your risk of gum disease. According to iScience research, gum disease affected 42.5% of vapers and 72.5% of cigarette smokers. Only 28.2% of nonsmokers, however, had periodontal disease symptoms. Consequently, vaping increases the risk of periodontal disease even if the likelihood of gum disease is not as great as it is with cigarette use.

High Risk of Cavities

Dental cavities are frequently caused by germs that are fed by food particles that are left in the mouth after poor cleaning or flossing. After eating, these bacteria generate acid that erodes teeth and causes cavities. Certain flavored vapes create highly sugared fumes that mimic the effects of acidic beverages, increasing the risk of cavities.

Minor Effects of Vaping

  • Nicotine can prevent blood from reaching the gums, which can lead to poor gum healing, the need for periodontal therapy, and the failure of dental implants.
  • Grinding of the teeth which is also known as bruxism, smoking, and vaping may increase muscle activity, which can lead to teeth grinding and all the problems and discomfort that come with it.
  • Xerostomia can cause tooth decay, foul smell, oral ulcers, and a decrease in the natural bacterial buffer in your teeth.

Medical experts are worried that vaping is becoming a lifestyle choice for non-smokers, rather than a means of quitting smoking, although vaping is generally recognized to be safer than smoking. This might have more negative effects on health than only the oral ones mentioned. 

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