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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Thick Body Hair

To shave or not to shave has long been a disputed topic for women. Society has imposed unsaid rules, like body hair on women is gross, which leads to inhibitions. However, don’t put a razor to your skin under pressure but for the many advantages it offers. For example; clean underarms and bikini area can prevent moisture and bacteria buildup. Men and women can also benefit from less odor and skin abscesses in these areas.

There are tons of efficient products, like body hair removal cream and electric trimmers, which ensure optimal results. You can flaunt smooth and hair-free skin without any nicks and cuts. However, thick body hair requires extra care. So, if you are wondering how to ensure safe hair removal, here are a few techniques that work.

Hair Removal Products

If you have thick body hair, avoid using razors. They can leave a thicker stubble behind, along with dark spots and pimples. Try to remove body hair with ready-to-use wax strips, electric trimmer and hair removal creams. These are the safest options. In fact, waxing can help pull out hair from the roots, which is effective for thick growth. Men and women can pick a brand that is suitable for both normal and sensitive skin.

Sugar and Lemon

While professional products are the best for body hair removal, you can also try a few lesser-known methods. For example, a mix of sweet and sour nourishes the skin, while removing thick hair. In fact, lemon is known to act as bleach, which slows down hair growth in the long run. Heat the sugar to form a syrup and add lemon juice. Now, apply evenly in the direction of the hair growth. Once dry, simply pull it away carefully for hair-free smooth skin.

Laser Treatment

While body hair remover creams offer a temporary solution, laser treatment could offer a more permanent solution. People with thick hair are great candidates for this treatment. Light beams are used to destroy the hair follicles completely. However, this method can be expensive and you might have to undergo several sessions over months to ensure optimal results. In case there is an incident of re-growth, you can choose waxing or trimming at home.


This is an effective means of body hair removal for women, which delivers a blast of current to eliminate the hair. It helps to wipe out thick hair from the roots permanently. Electrolysis is great for sensitive areas, like the side burns, chin and nipples. However, you might need a yearly touch up, which could be expensive, much like laser treatment. Plus, it cannot be done at home and will require professional help at a clinic.

If you are wondering how to remove hair from your body effectively within a budget, creams and wax strips are quite effective. These are not time consuming, comparatively cheap and do not require you to leave your home. It can be done with ease and you do not need any special expertise. All you have to do is read the instructions carefully and go about the process patiently to enjoy hairless skin for weeks.

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