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Teething Symptoms and Associated Fever

The teething period is a fascinating and memorable part of childhood. From full row teeth to the entry of tooth fairy to pick your sweet white teeny tooth, the entire journey is unique and unforgettable. But it is not that interesting for all the co-passengers. The parents can be worried about the teething symptoms and fever associated with it. It is a very tricky period for parents to deal with the various symptoms and get confused over the rise in body temperature.

Every kid won’t react to teething at the same level. It can vary from one kid to another. Some won’t even show any fever or other signs of teething. But some have very high discomfort and fever. It will be a hard time for parents to soothe the symptoms and calm the child.

How teething and fever are related?

There is no proof or evidence to confirm that teething causes fever. But parents have noticed a slight rise in temperature than usual. It may be because of the changes happening in the body. The new tooth is piercing the gums and popping out, which can count one reason for the rise in temperature. But it will never go worse or to real symptomatic fever.

For a slight rise in temperature, parents can consider some home remedies such as a liquid food diet, a lot of rest, cool the body, and finally give medication after consulting the medical practitioner.

Watch out Parents

Parents must keep away from false beliefs about the signs and symptoms. As we now know that symptomatic fever is not a real sign of teething, parents must be watchful about the fever symptoms. If you notice the temperature is associated with flu-like symptoms. Immediate medical attention is required. Else it would be risky for the child.

Be sure about the information you know about the teething and the practices you follow. For any clarifications, consult your Pediatrician or health care professional before concluding on your assumptions. You can rest assured with the methods they suggest and follow the same.

There are many facts and misunderstandings about the entire teething procedure. If you think the fever is a common symptom and end up not giving real attention to an underlying sickness, it can lead to a risky health condition for the child.

The best bet is the medical practitioner who is a professional put in the capacity to suggest you the right choices for you and kid on how to deal with the teething symptoms and fever. Completely avoid self-assumptions and myths. Be open to talking to experts when you are in doubt. Young life is very precious and delicate. It is always the best practice to make sure about the methods you follow for your teeny life, entirely dependent on your judgments and care.

Enjoy every moment of parenting, and it is a bliss to be a part of this beautiful journey. But at the same time, take extra care and attention.

Happy teething days!!

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