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Planning to Propose on a Romantic Holiday? Here are some Ideas

The holidays are the most popular and probably the best time to get engaged. You have the ring ready and you are ready too to pop the question. But how do you implement the perfect holiday proposal? If you are unsure of where to begin and don’t have a plan set in place, then consider these ideas to make the most of the season’s charm and create a romantic proposal to enhance the moment. Read on to know more.

  • Hide your engagement ring under the Christmas tree

In the Christmas morning, when it is just you and your soon to be engaged partner or your entire family, nothing holds a candle to gifting a proposal ring in Singapore. If you have a cheeky nature, then you can wrap the ring deep inside the Russian Doll of huge boxes. Or you can simply tie it with a ribbon and hide it in a tree to have it like a treasure hunt of a lifetime. If you are more into theatrics, then you can make the most of the adage, ‘good things come in small packages’.

  • Write ‘Marry me’ in lights

This title explains everything. It is simple and a brilliant way to propose. All you have to do is string some of the trimming lights in such a way that it spell out Marry Me, then wait until night and then plug it in. inevitably, your proposal is going to be sparkling and surprising.

  • Proposing your partner with family around

It may seem like a pretty big deal when it comes to popping out a question in the middle of a family celebration, but you really have a tiny army at your proposal disposal. You can enlist your family members to assist you in pulling off all small and large details like from making a covert surprise to the music selection and of course, the photography.

  • Holiday getaway

And if you are still rooting for keeping the things intimate, you can always go for the romantic getaway. Tropical destinations can really shake off the anxieties and the season chills and many European cities flourish with warm winter markets but keeping at as close to home is always sweet. A weekend at a local resort, Airbnb cabin or a boutique hotel is always cozy and refreshing. You can also hit the bonus when you are planning around their favorite winter activity and can combine the proposal in later.

  • The New Years’ Eve

The holiday doesn’t end on December 25. The other major celebrations of winter is an opportunity to pop the question. You can add more to it by presenting a stunning diamond engagement ring and proposing to your partner. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

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