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Implants: The New Age Dental Service

Dental implant surgery is a complicated procedure that replaces the tooth’s roots with metal and screws. It is carried out for the teeth that are missing, damaged, or decayed. The newly fused metals in the oral cavity are responsible for restoring the normal form and function of the teeth. 

Nowadays, Most people choose an implant instead of dentures as it gives more aesthetic results. Are you searching for the best dental services in Wichita Falls? If yes, then many options associated with Wichita Falls cosmetic dentist are available that you can choose from. 

Purpose of an implant surgery 

Dental implants are placed surgically inside the jaws, where they perform the functions of the root of a tooth. Titanium is mostly used as an implant material, fusing with the jawbones to restore functions. These materials are long-lasting and do not decay with time. 

Your dentist may recommend an implant if you have one of the following conditions: 

  • Have a missing tooth 
  • Have decaying teeth 
  • Have severe bone conditions 
  • Difficulty in wearing dentures 
  • If you are unsatisfied with your speech delivery, you need an option to improve your speech. 

Are there any risk factors involved in an implant surgery? 

Just like any other surgery, an implant also requires care from both the dentist and the patient. Complications are rare in an implant surgery if the dentist has carefully carried out the procedure. 

Some of the potential risk factors involved in the implant surgery are as follows: 

Sinus problems 

If not placed properly, an implant can protrude into the sinus cavities, especially in cases involving the upper jaw. 

Nerve damage 

An implant can cause damage to the nerve, causing pain and numbness to the affected individuals. 

Injury to the surrounding soft tissues and other structures. 

Infection at the site of the implant. 

How to prepare for an implant surgery? 

An important surgery requires careful examination from the dental professional. If you plan to get implants, stay in touch with your dentist. They can call you for several sessions before the surgery to plan your treatment, so attend all of them. 

Some of the tips to prepare for the implant surgery are as follows: 

Dental examination: 

Before going for the implant surgery, your dentist will carry out a thorough examination involving dental X-rays and other tests to evaluate the condition of your oral cavity. 

Proper medical history evaluation 

Medical history plays an important role during the surgery. Hence, you must provide your dentist with your medical history to effectively plan the surgery. 

Treatment plan 

Your dentist will plan the treatment once the proper evaluation and tests are done. Ensure you provide accurate information about your medical and dental history. 

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